This tumbleblog is dedicated to 도회지/Do Hoe Ji/Do Hwae Ji/ Do Hwe Ji.

May 6th 1991. 168 cm/ 47 kg. Known as Kim Tae Hee lookalike.

Run by Olivia Maudy Karen Beatrice


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Dear followers, 

Thank you for loving Do Hwe Ji and following this blog. I am aware of the long in-activeness of the admins in here. Admin Olivia and Maudy are the main admin of this account, but we are both in our senior year of high school (the senior year was hectic—although, yes, we already graduated as for now) and is currently preparing for our college admission. I will try my best to update as how I used to be in the past from now on. 

Thank you,

I love you guys! XOXO

Anonymous: "video tutorials" what video tutorials? i'm new so i don't really know much yet

tbh I don’t know either, does any of you know about this?

Anonymous: why were you inactive for so long?

I’m sorry, I’m on my senior years of high school and is preparing for a college admission. I’ll be active when I got accepted! 

Anonymous: does she have a boyfriend before or currently?

yes, she have a boyfriend—I think you can saw him several times on her video tutorials :3